4 Reasons You’ll Be Grateful You Got an iPad Mini Battery Replacement

Does your beloved iPad Mini feel like it’s on its last legs? Does your favorite tablet no longer hold a charge like it once did and is slowly turning into a very fancy paperweight? This does not mean you have to run out and buy a whole new tablet; instead, get a much cheaper iPad Mini battery replacement.

A poor battery life on an older iPad Mini is expected, it’s just what happens to our devices over time. But despite what the people who make these devices want you to think, you do not have to keep upgrading to the newest model every time your old one acts up. Let’s look at a few reasons why you will be grateful you did not give up on your iPad Mini.

Save Yourself Money and Time
Obviously, these are the two things we all love to save as much as we can. It is hard to get excited about the idea of having to go out and spend time browsing aisles, talking to experts, and deciding which overpriced tablet you want to do the same tasks your old one was doing quite well. This sacrifice of your hard earned money and free time is not mandatory and can be easily avoided by ordering the replacement parts on your computer or phone.

Don’t Have to Worry About Losing Anything Important
Whenever we buy a new tablet, phone or other smart devices, there is usually quite a bit of important things that have to bed transferred over. Vacation photos, recordings from a concert you went to, or important material for work all live on your tablet and will have to be transferred over to a new one. Sometimes, this process does not go according to plan and you could potentially lose all of these during the transfer process. Is it really worth losing everything you have on your tablet just to upgrade to a new, fancier-looking one?

No In-Store Shopping = Less Hassle
The rise of online shopping has all of the good parts about shopping and eliminated most of the bad parts. The same cannot be said about shopping in stores these days. Between the limited selections, crowded stores, and annoying salespeople, it almost isn’t worth making the trip at all. Most of the parts you would need to replace your iPad Mini battery are not easily found in stores, but online vendors like iDemiGods make it incredibly easy to order everything you will need with just the click of a button.

You’ll Learn an Important Skill
Perhaps the most underrated part about replacing your old battery is that it is actually an easier job than you would think as long as you have the right tools for the job. There are plenty of tutorials and how-tos online that will help you learn how to do it right, helping you save even more time and money by not having to take it somewhere else to be fixed.

Go to iDemiGods.com to find all of the iPad Mini battery replacement parts, tools, and accessories that you need. Discover just how quick and pain-free it can be to get your iPad Mini running like it is good as new again, all without even needing to leave your house.

3 Reasons to Buy iPhone 5S Battery Replacement Parts Instead of a New iPhone

Is poor battery life on your iPhone 5S making you strongly consider other options? While the idea of owning the latest smartphone models might seem tempting, one look at the outrageous price tags will have most people reconsidering their options. Choosing to buy iPhone 5S battery replacement parts is the best option available, especially when you consider the following 3 reasons.

It is Significantly More Affordable
Before you go and buy the latest iPhone, ask yourself this: How much better is this single device going to make my everyday life? It might provide some small joy for a short time, but that will be gone by the time the next version comes out. While it might feature a slightly better camera and runs a little bit faster, it is not that different from your current device when it comes to the way most of us use our phones.

So why would you want to spend so much of your hard earned money on something like this? Why not save yourself hundreds of dollars and just buy iPhone 5S battery replacement parts instead? Put all of that money toward a new car or a vacation to somewhere exciting instead of on a device that is more of a status symbol than an upgrade on your life.

Provides the Consistency We Crave
We all enjoy our routines. We enjoy having those rocks in our lives that we can always count on and that will do what is needed when called upon. Our smartphones are perfect examples, because we all have our own routines with our phones, how we balance our business and personal lives simultaneously without fail. This is all we need of our phones, to just work well when we need them to.

So again, you have to ask yourself, is it worth overpaying for a new phone that will require you to start over with a new routine? Why not stick with the reliable phone you have trusted for years by making one small replacement that will add new life to your old phone. Being able to consistently avoid the annual rush to waste money on another new smartphone is a routine we would all love to have.

Can Teach You a New Skill That Could Earn You Extra Money
Some websites make it easy for you to buy iPhone 5S battery replacement parts, and then there are those like iDemiGods.com that help you do so much more. iDemiGods also sells all of the necessary tools a person would need to do the replacement job themselves. With the number of tutorials and how-to videos available online these days, it is easier than ever to learn a practical new skill that will benefit your life in more ways than one.

For starters, you will be able to save even more money by not having to pay someone else to fix it for you. Now you can do it yourself with no wait at all and have your phone working like new in no time. After you have fixed up your phone, you can set up your own side business as the phone fixer for your friends and family. Suddenly your new hobby is helping you earn more money than you would have if you had just bought a new phone.

Buy iPhone Battery Replacements and Other New Parts at iDemiGods

iPhones are some of the most impressive pieces of technology we encounter every day. They are tiny supercomputers, capable of bringing the entire world to your fingertips at the swipe of your thumb. Assuming you can hold a charge, that is. With the good always comes the bad, and in the case of iPhones, the bad comes after just a few years of use.

Batteries wear out, the phone slows down. You drop it and crack the screen or damage the camera. Spill a soda and fry the home button. The thing about having such an intricate device in the palm of your hand is that it leaves a lot of room for error. But at least it’s just as easy to break your phone as it is to buy iPhone battery and other replacements to fix it up.

Whether your iPhone has stopped turning on, is no longer able to hold a charge, or has a full spiderweb of cracks spreading out across the front screen, iDemiGods has your back. This parts distributor has dedicated themselves to supplying common people just like you with brand new, highly affordable replacement parts to make their old phones run as good as new. You’ll find iPhone parts from nearly every generation on their site, plus parts for other Apple products like iPads and iPods. They even carry some Samsung replacements for non-iPhone users. Above all else, the thing that makes iDemiGods befitting of their name is their massive collection of iPhone parts.

Got an iPhone 6S with a busted headphone jack? Know a friend with an iPhone 5C buried in a drawer because it stopped powering up? Just dropped your iPhone 7 Plus and reading this article around a half-destroyed screen? No problem. No matter whether you need to buy iPhone battery replacements or internal hardware, you’ll find whatever you need at iDemiGods.

They have multiple options for outer hardware so you can choose an iPhone 7 Full Digitizer LCD Screen Assembly White for your white iPhone 7 and not have a mottled or mismatched looking phone. Plus, you’ll save hundreds of dollars when you do the replacement yourself. Compare iDemiGods’ iPhone 7 Replacement OEM Battery price to Apple’s out of warranty battery replacement fee and you be rushing back to iDemiGods’ site in a heartbeat.

If affordability and a wide selection are next to godliness, then user-friendliness is right on the other side. iDemiGods knows that if you’re going to buy iPhone battery replacements, you’re going to need the tools to do the job, too. So they include them, free of charge, with every battery. If a full eight-piece tool set still isn’t enough for you, they also sell individual tools, including the iSclack Opening Tool for iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus/7/7Plus and iPads that’s so popular with home repair gurus and how to articles across the web.

If you’re nervous about securing your new battery replacement when you dismantle your phone for the first time, we recommend picking up one of their iPhone 6/6S/7 Battery Adhesive Strips to really make it stick. For less than five bucks, you really can’t go wrong there.

Buy iPhone 6S Battery Parts to Save Your Favorite Smartphone & Bank Account

Did you know that choosing to buy iPhone 6S battery parts could be all you need to get your beloved smartphone running like it is brand new again?

Finding parts for popular Apple products or other big name brands is much easier than one might think, no matter how old the device in question may be. Oftentimes, a new battery, screen, or a replacement of a small internal piece is all your phone or tablet needs to run as good as new. Best of all, these replacement parts are typically quite cheap and easy to fix yourself, provided you have the necessary tools for the job.

Buying replacement parts is significantly cheaper than going out to buy the latest model and will save you the hassle of trying to find parking at the store, pick the right model for your needs, and move all of your information over to your new device. When all is said and done, you will be much happier with the time and money you will save by fixing your current device than you will be with a newer model.

The fact of the matter is that most newer models of smart devices have minimal changes from their predecessors that are not often noticed by most people on a daily basis. Owning the latest devices might look cool and make some people green with envy, but it might not be long before you are feeling buyer’s remorse.

Do you really need to pay hundreds of dollars for something that might have a slightly bigger screen? Is it worth tightening your financial belt just to get rid of headphone jacks? If you really think about it, the answer to these questions will likely be a resounding ‘no’. So maybe hold off on making such a big commitment right now and instead consider how you can pump new life into your current device.

If you want to keep your iPhone 6S device running like it did when you bought it, then you will want to buy iPhone 6S battery parts to improve your battery life and other functions. Finding all of the tools and parts you will need is easy and can be done online for further convenience. Just head to the iDemiGods website, where you’ll find smart device repair experts who make it incredibly easy to find the parts you need and get them shipped to your front door.

They carry replacement OEM battery parts, microphones, LCD screen parts, and other smaller parts that are a part of a high-functioning device. They even carry all of the tools that will make it easy for you to fix your own phone and not have to spend money to have someone else do it for you.

Go to iDemiGods.com now to find the right pieces you need for your favorite devices. Keep the ‘smart’ in smart devices by choosing the option that makes the most sense financially, will help you learn to be your own repair person, and keep your favorite devices running their very best.

Yes, There are Still Places to Buy iPhone 4S Parts!

Come with me on a trip back to the fall of 2011. The Occupy Wall Street movement was taking its first steps, the St. Louis Cardinals had just won the World Series, and Apple announced the debut of the iPhone 4S. It is crazy to think that all this was 7 years ago, but what is even crazier is that – despite being discontinued in 2014 – there are still places where you can buy iPhone 4S parts!

I admit this is a random fact, and I only found this out myself because my dad – who takes immense pride in the fact that he has been using the same phone for over 7 years – was recently faced with the harsh reality of *shudders* having to upgrade his phone. The home button on his iPhone 4S suddenly stopped working a while back and, as you can imagine, this made it quite difficult to get any work done on his phone. Ever the handyman, he was determined to fix the problem himself instead of spending too much on a new phone, and so he enlisted me to help him find the pieces he needed online (he’s not what you would call “internet-savvy”).

Now, I will be completely honest with you: I thought this task was a major waste of time that would likely end with us taking a trip to the Apple store to look for a new phone. Like most people, I did not see the point in trying to fix something so old when there are plenty of newer models to pick from. That is also because I just assumed that, since they stopped production years ago, it would be next to impossible to buy iPhone 4S parts anymore. Turns out, I was totally wrong.

I did a quick Google search and soon found myself at iDemiGods.com, a site that specializes in selling repair parts, tools and accessories for popular mobile devices of all ages. You should have seen the look on my dad’s face when I showed him the site and how he wasn’t crazy for trying to fix his old phone. Thanks to iDemiGods, my dad was able to buy the exact piece he needed for just $7, a whole lot less than any phone would have cost him. They even sold the necessary tools to make it easier for him to repair his precious phone. I was amazed at how many options and parts they had for popular smartphones dating back to the first generation iPhone, as well as parts for iPads and Samsung devices.

My dad has not stopped bragging about how easy it was to get the right parts and make his old phone run as if it came straight out of the box. Plus, now I know exactly where to go to buy iPhone 4S parts for him in the future when he eventually needs to replace his display screen, rear panel back cover, or any other part that needs to be fixed after so many years. If you take anything away from this post, let it be the fact that our technology can last us so much longer than we realize if we put in the effort, and that the Internet will never cease to amaze us. In addition, if you or someone you know needs replacement parts for their iPhone, head on over to iDemiGods.com; they have it all.

Replacement iPhone SE Parts that Won’t Break the Bank

Doing your own iPhone SE repairs can save you hundreds of dollars and extend the life of your phone well past its warranty. While many phones are built by design to deteriorate in quality over time, either using more fragile glass for screens or being powered by batteries that will slow down the phone’s processing power as it ages, you can circumvent these built-in obstacles by replacing the outdated parts as they start to give you trouble. All you need to get your phone back to good as new is browse through iDemiGods’ online selection of inexpensive, brand new iPhone SE parts and a quick internet search for a helpful tutorial video. It really is that easy.

No matter your phone issue, from a broken home button to a dysfunctional rear camera to a shattered screen, you’ll find all the iPhone SE parts you need to patch it up at iDemiGods. Better yet, any replacement part you order from iDemiGods saves you money from having to go through Apple’s out of warranty replacement service fees. The most expensive iPhone SE replacement part available from iDemiGods is only $39.99, well under Apple’s service fee, which can run as high as $269. It’s certainly much cheaper than buying a brand new phone, too.

iDemiGods sells brand new iPhone SE parts at low prices by establishing long-lasting relationships with wholesalers and have built a trustworthy company on its dedication to customer service. They are upfront about all of the parts they sell, listing full product details as well as information that’s relevant to the replacement process, such as the installation difficulty of each item. With their iPhone SE Replacement OEM Battery parts, they include an 8 piece tool set of everything you’d need to switch out your old, failing battery with the brand new one.

This set includes the various hyperspecific screwdrivers that are necessary for removing an iPhone SE’s tiny screws safely and neatly, as well as two pry tools, a suction cup, and two picks for opening the phone and handling the delicate machinery. If you have a part replacement that requires other specific tools, you can also find them on the iDemiGods website. From various opening tools to iPhone 5S/5C/SE Battery Adhesive Strips, whatever you need to get your phone up and running like new can be found on their site.

To top it all off, iDemiGods also offers a 6-month warranty on all of their replacement parts. That means you can fix your broken iPhone SE and get a new warranty on it, all for as little as 10% of the Apple service fee! Never again will you have to wait months on end with a broken screen putting your thumbs in jeopardy anytime you use your phone, all because it’s too expensive to replace it. You can get your phone up and running in less than a week on your own. Just go to iDemiGods.com and pick up an iPhone SE Full Digitizer LCD Screen Assembly Black (or white) for less than $35 and spend an afternoon fixing it yourself.

Where to Get Genuine iPhone 5 Spare Parts

Older iPhone parts can be hard to find. With newer iPhones coming out every year, older models are being tossed aside and left forgotten. It is because of this that replacement parts are even harder to find and rarely, if ever, made. How can this be? There are those who upgrade to newer iPhone models once it is released, but there are also those who continue to stick with their trusty older iPhone models. These older iPhones work well. Why upgrade to a flashier, more expensive model when the phone you have works just the way it is supposed to? If you’re answer is because you can’t find replacement parts for your older iPhone, then keep on reading. iDemiGods is an online store with all kinds of iPhone and other device replacement parts for older models of the iPhone like iPhone 5 parts, iPhone 6 parts, iPhone 1st Gen parts and more.

If you are like me and still use your Apple iPhone 5 because it works well, has everything you need, and performs just as you expect, then you probably also find no reason to upgrade to a newer iPhone model where you would just have to spend more money. Or maybe you do think about upgrading. Why? Is it because the touch screen on your phone is cracked and you can’t find a replacement? Maybe the charging port doesn’t work well or perhaps the battery loses power too quickly. Has your Home button been pushed too many times and now sits at an odd angle that you really have to try hard to make work? Whatever the case, all of your stress can be eased with iDemiGods. No need to invest in a newer iPhone model; iDemiGods has the replacement parts for your iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and more.

If your iPhone 5 battery doesn’t last as long as it used to, iDemiGods carries iPhone 5 replacement OEM batteries that are affordable, new, and come with a 6-month warranty. This replacement battery comes with an 8 piece tool kit for you to replace the battery at home yourself. With a Moderate install difficulty level, you’ll find it won’t be too troublesome replacing the battery, or you can simply take your replacement battery to an Apple authorized repair center and have them replace it for you. No matter their cost, it is sure to be lower than what you would pay in a completely new phone.

Perhaps your screen is broken. If this is the case, iDemiGods has iPhone 5 Full Digitizer LCD Screen Assembly in both black and white. Their screen replacements are incredibly affordable, come new and with a 6-month warranty. While these screen replacements have a difficult installation level, you can easily order this item, get it shipped directly to your front door, and then take it to your nearest authorized repairs parts center and have then replace the screen for you.

Whether you need replacement iPhone 5 parts, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, or iPhone 1st Gen, 3rd Gen or another model, iDemiGods is sure to have it all. Simple visit them online at iDemiGods.com, make an order, and get 5% off when you use the code listed on their website.

Use iDemiGods to Buy iPhone Battery Replacements Easily

Apple products are a huge investment, so it’s time you start treating the parts and pieces with the utmost care. iDemiGods is a worldwide one stop shop supplier for Apple and other device replacement parts. We sell everything you may need to repair or replace parts on your Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad, and even some Samsung devices. Our parts are available at more affordable prices but are of the same high quality and perform as if they came with your original device. Don’t get scammed into buying expensive batteries when you can buy iPhone batteries from iDemiGods for less.

While replacing a battery can seem like a daunting task, we do have the tools to help you do this yourself. If you buy an iPhone battery from iDemiGods, you will receive an 8-piece tool kit to help install the battery and all supplies needed to pop open the back of the phone such as pry tools, mini screwdrivers to remove the tiny device screws, suctions cups, and picks. All of our batteries are OEM, which means they are original equipment manufacturer so you can be sure that it is made with high quality materials.

After you buy iPhone battery replacement from iDemiGods, you will want to make sure that your charging cable is up to date as well. After installing a new battery, we recommend draining it to below 10% and then charging it to full capacity. Our Apple Lightning to USB charging cables are made to sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with your Mac or Windows PC and come with a 6-month warranty.

We have all been guilty of tangling up our ear buds to point of no repair. If that is the case with you, order a new pair of Apple iPhone Headphones Earbuds Earphones with Microphone for only $7.30. These ear buds come with high sound quality, a comfortable fit, and a stereo headset. The microphone is fitted with a windscreen for great clarity and works as the send/end button for answering calls and controlling music playback, just like your original headphones that came with your newly purchased device.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our accessories such as the NuGlass tempered glass screen. This glass cover is available for iPhone 5S/5C/SE to iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus. Our LCD guard film screen protector is designed for iPhone 3G to iPhone 4S. We also offer glass coverings for certain iPod touches as well.

iDemiGods always makes sure that you have the best experience for replacing or repairing any iPhone parts. From screw trays to pry tools to adhesive tapes, we have some of the most important tools you need to replace your iPhone parts with ease, and we have everything you might need to keep your iPhone or other device working and looking like new. Order your replacement parts by visiting our website at iDemiGods.com! Can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to us today and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.

iDemiGods Has iPad 4 Battery Replacement to Keep You Going

The world runs on devices that can be taken anywhere and everywhere on the go. Wherever you go, you are sure to see people with laptops, but more and more people are opting to save the space and carry their smartphone or tablet. As with all electronic devices, constant use will eventually cause the battery to drain and deplete, leaving you with the decision to either replace the battery or get a new device.

For many people, getting a new device is the easier option. By the time your device even needs a battery replacement, there is probably a new model that you would prefer. What if that new model is too expensive or you like your current device and don’t want to learn the new features and operations of the device? Getting a replacement battery can be much more cost effective for you than buying an entirely new device.

At iDemiGods, you can find iPad 4 battery replacement that will keep you on the go like you wish and allow your device to run as good as new.

Usually, there are warning signs that the battery in your device is starting to lose power. Depending on your use of the device and the frequency with which you charge the device, you may start to notice at a certain point in your device’s life that the battery just doesn’t work like it used to.

There is a way to check this. In the settings feature of an iPad, you can view the battery capacity. In top condition, it runs at 100 percent. Over time, it can decrease the amount of time you get per charge in half. Once you realize that the battery does not work as it did before, you can consider getting the battery replaced.

Some of us get attached to our devices. We become very accustomed to our devices and like the familiarity we develop. Everything has its place and just because the battery starts to hold less of a charge does not mean we want to give it up that easily. A battery replacement can make all the difference and allow you to keep your device for much longer. It’s also a great way to save money. Imagine having a phone or tablet that lasts for three or four years. During that time, one or more new devices debuted and were the talk of the town. To upgrade, you may be spending hundreds of dollars more than you have to, especially to get a device that you feel just has to be learned.

At iDemiGods, you can get iPad 4 battery replacement, iPod, and Samsung battery replacements. iDemiGods is your source for all electronic parts that can make your phone or tablet work like new. Check out the wide selection of parts available on the iDemiGods website and consider replacing the battery in your devices to extend their life and get much more out of the device. iDemiGods has all of your electronic repair parts, tools and accessories to keep you moving and in touch with your loved ones and the rest of the world.

How to Go About iPad Mini Battery Replacement

While some people like the ‘closed case’ design of Apple’s flagship products, the charm tends to wear off after your battery stops holding a charge. Even the most sealed of PC laptops still allow for battery replacement, even if it requires a pretty steep dismantling. So, what should you do if you, for instance, need an iPad Mini battery replacement? To start, you should understand everything that needs to go into your decision-making process.

First, it’s best to accept that what you thought you’d have to do to preserve your warranty – sending it in to Apple – may not be what you actually want. You see, if your battery fails in your iPad Mini, replacement isn’t actually what you get out of your $99 service fee. Instead, Apple has deemed it more efficient to simply send you a new device entirely. While this may sound better in some ways, the hitch is that it will come with none of your personal data. Instead, you have to back that up yourself via iTunes. Depending on how bad your battery situation is, this might not be an option.

The next thing to consider is your warranty. Doing any work on an Apple product will void your warranty entirely unless you do it through Apple themselves. Even something that seems as simple as an iPad Mini battery replacement, no matter how effectively a technician can perform it, will render your warranty completely null. Going through a third party to replace the battery may or may not be an option then, depending on how badly you value your warranty. If you already have a voided warranty, this doesn’t apply to you. If your device is under warranty but only rarely used, you may not need it as a lifeline. However, you may want to reconsider seeking third-party maintenance if it is a crucial device for your work, education, or day-to-day life.

Finally, you should think long and hard about whom you trust with your device. Not everyone who advertises on the telephone poles around town necessarily knows what they’re doing, and more importantly, they don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind. Trusting your device to someone means trusting your data to them, and that usually isn’t the wisest option. Even if you’re just trying to get the most out of your iPad Mini, a battery replacement leaves your device vulnerable to whoever does work on it. It’s best to go with a firm large enough to have resources, but small enough to have a trustworthy reputation. iDemiGods is a good example; they’re staffed by customer service-focused individuals and all in all make themselves easy to communicate with, which makes it significantly easier to work with them.

If you’re not ready for a dying battery to decide that your Apple product has given up the ghost, you have alternatives to replacement. However, replacing the battery alone is a little more complicated. Make sure you do your due diligence and consider all the factors before committing to a decision.